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Optimize your hotel network to welcome connected objects

Connect your guests and hotel staff, and you’ll create a unique experience. The ALE technology powers immersive engagement for the hospitality industry.

Introducing the Personalized Connected Guest Experience
  • To your guests, it means convenience: access to all amenities and services from their digital devices, your entertainment systems and in-room phones. An instant virtual concierge ready to assist them 24/7, no matter where they are.
  • To hotel staff, it means coordination of ‘back of house’ services that support operations, connecting staff with other staff or guests, instantly and automatically. Everything connects to a single intelligent network, where all devices are securely and automatically managed.
  • To management, it means agility, transformation and a growth pathway. It’s the future of hospitality, and the experiences you create are leading the way.
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Connect your guests and hotel staff, and you’ll create a unique experience. ALE mobile hospitality technology powers immersive engagement everywhere, for a memorable stay.

We all know Wi-Fi is a top amenity in the hospitality industry, but mobility goes beyond wireless connectivity. We’re talking guest access to hotel services anywhere on your premises, enhanced network security and much more.

Top mobility questions in the hospitality industry:
  • Is it just a matter of bandwidth?
  • Can all buildings benefit?
  • How real is the threat to security?
  • How do you balance guest access and data privacy?

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Hardworking Wi-Fi coverage
  • A wireless network designed specifically for your hotel’s needs? You’re in the right place!
  • In 5 steps, our quick configuration tool shows you the best ALE WLAN products and solutions for your leisure facility – plus a personalized report, for free.

Find the right solution for your hotel


Transform your guest experience with a continuous, personal engagement. ALE mobile technology powers connection and convenience everywhere, for memorable stays.

Take control of your entire guest experience, at any point of their journey, with a continuous and highly personalized connection on their own mobile devices. Offer the right mix of human and digital guest services to ensure convenience without sacrificing satisfaction and loyalty.

Zero-phone guestrooms?
Would you go fully mobile?

The Winery Hotel in Stockholm-Solna in Sweden offers a unique, interactive guest experience via its mobile application and its hospitality Wi-Fi service.

Dave Michels from Talking Pointz wanted to know more about their decision to go fully mobile. He paid a visit to the hotel and described his experience.


Empower your team to offer rapid, convenient guest services. ALE mobile technology powers real-time collaboration from anywhere for highly efficient operations.

Your employees and collaborators are the drivers of your guest experience. Hospitality technology can help them streamline operations and remove friction in guest services. Empower your entire hotel community – staff, partners, suppliers – with the right communications tools. Help them connect and collaborate in real-time, on the move, from anywhere on the property.

Create a thriving community around your hotel brand

Help your staff connect with guests, colleagues and suppliers with Rainbow for the hospitality industry. Offer them what they need to collaborate: audio/video calls, secure chat and free document sharing from anywhere and on any device: mobile devices, desk phones or desktops. It’s free. Mobile. Open. Cloud-based. And seamlessly integrated in your hospitality environment.

On-the-move communications for all staff profiles

Equip your exterior or security teams with the right tools for their environments. ALE ruggedized DECT handsets power on-the-move communications and improved personnel safety.

Hard-working Wi-Fi access for the hospitality industry
  • The quality of your Wi-Fi can determine if a guest comes back to you. The kind of review they post. Your reputation.
  • Our Stellar WLAN solution brings always-on, hardworking connectivity to your guests and staff, 24/7.


ALE hospitality technology delivers the base for an intelligent hotel network that connects guests, staff, applications, and devices across your properties.

IT support for mobile devices, apps, and Internet of Things is not ‘nice to have’. It’s essential. And hotel Wi-Fi networks are facing demands they were never designed to meet. The next step? Deploy a mobile network based on open standards to answer bandwidth, mobility and IoT needs.

IoT Containment for Hospitality

IoT containment for hospitality made easy

Safely welcome your guests’ and staff’s connected devices with IoT Containment for Hospitality.

A secure, virtualized network manages your IoT system effortlessly by segmenting and containing traffic.

How we can help you migrate to the cloud

Helping Hospitality customers migrate to the cloud

Hospitality Network Guide

A deep dive into optimizing the guest experience and hotel operations with an ideal network infrastructure.