We offer wide range of products of Texecom.

  • Premier Impaq Shock Sensors
  • Premier Elite 64-W LIVE
  • Premier Compact Series
  • Premier Elite Series

Premier Impaq Shock Sensors

Exceptional performance combined with class-leading false alarm immunity ensures the Premier Impaq Series of shock sensors are ideal for use in virtually any environment. Impaq shock sensors deliver additional security
by enabling detection prior to intruder entry, providing an ideal solution for confirmed alarm systems.

Premier Elite 64-W LIVE

Self-contained wireless control panel with Ricochet® mesh technology. In today’s connected world, there is no place for systems that inhibit upgrades or restrict additional devices. Security systems can offer so much more than basic security; increased security, monitoring, safety, perimeter protection and building automation all require systems that can support a large number and a wide range of devices.
With the introduction of the Premier Elite 64-W LIVE, Texecom is removing these limitations and allowing end users and installers to benefit from increased system capabilities.

Premier Compact Series

Commercial Grade Detection for Residential Applications

Texecom’s Premier Compact detectors are designed to provide optimum performance levels in any type of residential environment. A variety of detection technologies ensure there is a Premier Compact model to overcome even the most challenging installation.

Premier Elite Series

Premier Elite Series represents the most advanced electronic security solutions Texecom has to offer.

  • Control Panels
  • Keypads & Access Control
  • Expanders & Power Supplies
  • Communicators Motion Detectors
  • External Sounders
  • Wireless
Grade 3 Communicating Control Panels

A complete range of commercial grade, expandable, communicating control panels featuring integration compatibility with leading access control, CCTV, home automation and managed alarm-signaling providers. Each Premier Elite control panel shares the same programming platform and peripheral devices, ensuring instant product familiarity across the range.

Premier Elite Keypads

The range of compatible LCD keypads is used to programme all features, incorporating high-visibility menu driven LCD displays, proximity tags & a flush mount design. Premier Keypads emphasise aesthetic quality without compromising performance or reliability.


A complete range of expansion modules provides the superior design flexibility and increased system options. Featuring wired and wireless options, Premier Elite expanders are ideal for commercial-grade security systems or demanding installations where a custom system is a requirement. All Premier Elite expanders are compatible with Premier Elite control panels; a selection is also compatible with Premier Series control panels.

Power Supplies

Energy efficient switch mode power supplies with universal voltage input for use around the world. Available as stand-alone or with integrated zone expansion, Premier Elite power supplies are high quality, reliable units suitable for commercial and industrial use.

Access Control

Premier Elite access control products provide integrated access control options for Texecom proximity tags or standard 26 bit weigand readers for alternative technologies.

Communicator Modules

Texecom’s range of interchangeable Premier Elite Communicators offer a variety of protocols, interface formats & multi-path transmission routes to fulfil any signalling requirement.