Digital Government Solutions
Alcatel-Lucent digital government solutions connect communities, agencies and businesses to support digital transformation in government

Digital transformation in government is essential to modernizing public services. Are you a city, a local, state or federal government agency looking to transform? Our digital government solutions help you offer the engagement and safety people expect.

Our connected cities solutions, e-government solutions, public safety and digital defense solutions will help you comply with strict industry requirements and provide a secure digital experience.

E-Government solutions simplify your user experience

Automate recurrent requests, help your teams to cooperate, be more efficient and focus on citizens. Rainbow for Government adds secure digital services to your app or website from the cloud: chat, voice, video.

Virtual receptionists streamline your customer welcome.

Digital age networking brings you connectivity, augmented intelligence and cloud in one solution. To enable your transformation securely.

Connected city solutions secure IoT and user connectivity

Wi-Fi6 is here! Offer secure, high density Wi-Fi to citizens, businesses, public safety actors and connected objects across the city, indoor or outdoor. And be WiFi4EU compliant.

Location-based services for smart buildings put an end to waiting lines. Wayfinding and notifications simplify public building navigation and emergency evacuation procedures.

Firewalls are costly, complex and not secure enough for today’s IoT, say industry experts*. IoT Based Digital Business controls IoT traffic and secures city-wide connectivity with device-level network segmentation.

IoT Hub centralizes data from countless IoT protocols, users, third party applications. And helps you build notification scenarios in advance.

Public safety solutions help you anticipate emergencies

Rainbow for Government uses A.I. to analyze emergency situations, lets you share instant updates on multiple channels and creates collaboration spaces in seconds.

Centralized notification services monitor multiple alarm sources and direct to the right persons.

Location-based services and wayfinding accelerate emergency interventions and evacuations from public spaces.

Our public safety solutions are European and US Emergency Number 112/911 compliant. Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise is a member of EENA – European Emergency Number Association.

Public safety in smart cities with CPaaS

Connected defense solutions

Connected defense solutions offer mission-critical, encrypted communications to field and office teams, on top of a resilient and secured network.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise network products are national-defense certified: Common criteria, NATO, NIST, Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) compliance for U.S. Department of Defense interoperability, FIPS 140-2, TAA.

Connected defence solutions

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