Elnova – CL Series UPS

  • High frequency & double conversion online technology
  • Fully Digital microprocessor control
  • Wide input voltage range
  • Near unity input power factor
  • High AC-AC efficiency
  • Cold start capability
  • LCD display
  • Simple & user friendly operation
  • Emer gency power offfunction option
  • Advance battery management
  • EMI/RFI noise filter
  • Optional parallel capacity (up to four ups)
  • Optional SNMP card slot
  • Smart RS-232 communication eith monitoring software


Maximum reliability result of robustdesign & online double convers ion topology
Ideal for the most demanding electrical environments
Higher KVA models with .9 output power factor
Easy portability because of cold start on battery power
Automatic bypass
Longer runtime on external battery power
LCD user interface on front panel for regular status indication
RS-232 USB & intelligent slot c ommunication ports
Power management suite bundled

Technical Info

UPS ModelOnline UPS 6KOnline UPS 6KS*Online UPS 10K Online UPS 10KS*
Capacity & Output 6000VA/5400W 6000VA/5400W 10000VA/9000W 10000VA/9000W
Acceptable Input Voltage110 ~ 276VAC
Adjustable Bypass Voltage110 ~ 276VAC
Frequency Range45Hz ~ 55Hz / 54Hz ~ 66Hz
PhaseSingle Phase with ground
THDI<5% with R full load
Power Factor≥0.99 @ R full load
Voltage Regulation<1%
Frequency (Synchronised Range)45Hz ~ 55Hz / 54Hz ~ 66Hz
Frequency (Battery Mode)50/60 ± 0.05Hz
Current Crest Ratio3:1
Harmonic Distortion≤2% @ Linear Load , ≤5% @Non-Linear Load
Output WaveformPure Sine Wave
Overload CapacityLine Mode

BAT Mode
2min @ 105% ~ 125% load
30s @ 125% ~ 150% load
1s @ >150% Load
ParallelUpto 4
Line Mode>92% @ full load & Battery fully charged
BAT Mode>92% @ full load & 12VDC/Battery
ECO Mode>96% @ full load & Battery fully charged
No. of Internal Battriexs per set 20Depending on the capacity of external batteries20Depending on the capacity of external batteries
Battery Type12V / 7AHDepending on the capacity of external batteries12V / 9AhDepending on the capacity of external batteries
Backup Time (Full Load)>5 MinutesDepending on the capacity of external batteries>5 MinutesDepending on the capacity of external batteries
Recharge Time5 Hrs to 90%Depending on the capacity of external batteries5 Hrs to 90%Depending on the capacity of external batteries
Charging Current (max)1.2A4.0A1.2A4.0A
Rated Battery Voltage240VDC
Transfer Time
BAT <- - > LINE0ms
INV <- - > BYPASS0ms
ECO <- -> INV<10ms
LCDLoad Level / Battery Level / Battery Mode / AC Mode / Bypass Mode / Fault
Audible Alarm
Battery ModeSounding every 4 seconds
Low BatterySounding every second
FaultContinuosly Sounding
OverloadSounding twice every second
Tower Case (W x H x L) mm260 x 708 x 550
Operating Environment0 - 40° C
Relative Humidity0-95% (Non-Condensing)
Noise Level<50db @ 1 meter
RS232 / USBSoftware supports Windows family, Linux, Sun Solarix, IBM Aix, Compaq True 64, SGI IRIX, Free BSD, HP-UX and MAC
External SlotSNMP / AS 400 / Relay Card
EPOEmergency Power off