Elnova – LF-Series UPS (Three Phase)

  • True online double conversion design providing toatl power protection
  • Sinewave ulse width modulation
  • IGBT inverter design
  • Wide input voltage range
  • Pure sine waveoutput with lessthan 3% THD
  • Expandable Back-up time
  • Generator compatiable
  • Cold start
  • Load / Battery power meter display
  • Overload, on-line, battery status LED / LCD
  • Advanced battery management
  • Automatic charging iin UPD off mode
  • Zero transfer time on AC mode to / from battery mode, AC mode to / from bypass mode
  • Smart RS-232 communication with monitoring software

Technical Info

Nominal Input Voltage 380 / 400 / 415VAC
Input Range 350 – 460VAC
Input Frequency 45-55Hz
Output Voltage 1 Phase models – 230VAC
Output Voltage Tolerance 3 Phase models 380/400/415VAC (Selectable through PC) ±1% for static balanced load,  ±5% for unbalanced load
Output Frequency 50Hz ± 0.1%
Load Power Factor 0.8
Waveform Pure Sin Wave
Distortion <3% THD for linear load
Inverter Efficiency >92%
Overall Efficiency >89%
Crest Factor 3:1
Over Load >125% for 10 minutes & 150% for 1 minute
DC Battery Voltage 384VDC
Noise <60 db at 1 meter
Envirnment 0-040 C, 90% RH (Non-condensing)
Cooling Forced air
Softwar for auto shutdown
SNMP for remote monitoring
Potential free contacts for remote indications & shutdown
Green Power : Almost unity power factor, Input current distortion <9%, Compatibility with almost same capacity genrator
Remote emergency power off
Voltage stabiliser in bypass line
Battery Management System
Parellel Redundancy